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Selling your luxury watch is perfectly simple thanks to the services of Relojes La Hora, so you won't have to keep looking elsewhere.

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Luxury second-hand watches in the city of Santander

Luxury watches trading in en Santander

If you have a luxury piece and you want to receive the best price of the market, you can visit us in Santander, where our specialized team will help you as you deserve.

We have a specialized service in the appraisal of luxury watches, in order to deliver to our clients exactly what they need, attending them quickly and with the absolute confidentiality needed, so no one will know the transactions made.

If you want to sell a luxury watch stored for a long time or that you have not been able to sell by other means, don’t worry anymore. We will evaluate the piece in just 10 minutes and we will pay you in cash.

You don’t have time to visit us in Santander? No worries. We will go to your home to collect the watch that you want to sell and, only in 24 hours, after the analysis of our specialists to verify its authenticity, we will deposit the corresponding amount in your bank account.

At Relojes La Hora we have more than 25 years of experience in the luxury watchmaking sector. We only have specialists in the field who can guarantee unique, original and good quality pieces, both for the purchase of our clients and for our clients to receive the best price possible when they are selling.

Why go to Relojes La Hora in Santander?

If you visit Relojes La Hora in Santander you can sell your luxury watch quickly and easily. We make unbeatable offers for your used watch, so benefit from our service in Santander.

On certain occasions, clients do not want to just sell their luxury watches; they just want a new watch to wear. For these cases, we have the trade service, where the client can deliver their second-hand luxury watch and receive another one of a similar value.

Selling luxury watches in Santander

Sell luxury watches in Santander We have many models of luxury watches in stock for you to choose the one you like the most, either because of the brand, the material, the manufacture year, etc. We are convinced that some of them will fit perfectly with your style and you will want to take it home.

Cartier, Patek Philippe or Rolex are some of the great luxury watch brands that you will find in our store.

But if you don’t want to sell or trade your luxury watch, it is also valid to buy a second-hand watch to add to your collection. All our models are available for purchase.

Don’t let that watch that you haven’t used for a long time continue to be an ornament inside its box, allow another person to enjoy that luxury piece and benefit from the payment you will receive to spend it on another personal wish.

All the watches of our catalog in Relojes La Hora Santander are verified by our specialists to determine that they are authentic, with all their original parts and components. This is key for greater peace of mind for us and for those who are going to buy or exchange in our store.

We guarantee that the watches are certified. They come from collectors, auctions, fairs or commercial stores that have put them up for sale. No one will be able to say that it is not an authentic piece. Visit us and see for yourself!

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