Buying and selling watches in Tarragona

If you are in Tarragona and want to sell or buy a luxury watch, Relojes la Hora is your best ally. We have been working for years to offer the best prices together with a service that is comfortable and safe for our clients at the time of their sale and trade transaction.

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Luxury watches trading in Tarragona

Why sell or buy your luxury watch in Tarragona?

Thanks to the more than 20 years of experience that we have in Relojes La Hora, we know that it’s important to think long term about our clients. For this reason, our maximum objective is to treat clients in the same way we would like to be treated, with honesty as our main value and striving to guarantee the best possible service.

If all of the above were not enough of a reason, the market for the trade and sale of luxury watches is experiencing one of its best moments. At Relojes La Hora in Tarragona we will guide you in your decisions and you will always get the best service.

Whether you want to buy, trade or sell your luxury watch in Tarragona, we offer you the opportunity to obtain a very attractive price for your piece that can be an investment for the future.

Second-hand luxury watches increase in value over time, unlike other objects, such as cars, which lose their value over the years.

Sell luxury watches in Tarragona

Sell ​​luxury watches in Tarragona

At Relojes La Hora we know everything there is to know about the sale of luxury watches, since we have years of experience. In addition, we use international indicators for high-end watches so that our clients in Tarragona can always get a fair price for their piece, as long as the watch is in good condition.

Why go to Relojes La Hora in Tarragona?

With a history in the specialized market for the sale of luxury watches for more than two decades, at Relojes la Hora in Tarragona we can buy and / or sell luxury watches from the main brands for prices fully adjusted to the value of each piece.

We have a purchasing service that allows us to put at your disposal a wide variety of models from such prominent firms as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Bvlgari, Chanel or Jaeger-LeCoultre, etc.

In addition, as soon as customers give us their watch to value them, we make sure to offer them the best price after only 24 hours, always guaranteeing a real and reliable valuation.

Likewise, we make sure to know where the watches we buy come from before making them available to our customers in the store. For this, we make sure that they come from individuals or collectors, as well as from shops, auctions or fairs. In this way, our clients can trust that each piece that we put in their hands has a proven origin, and they will only have to worry about wearing them when they want.

By working with experts from the watchmaking sector, at Relojes la Hora we verify that all the luxury watches that we value, buy and offer to our clients have all their original parts, and that none of them have been replaced. We can only do this at Relojes La Hora in Tarragona.

The search for authenticity in watches supports us in Tarragona

In Relojes La Hora we differentiate ourselves from the rest by being a store specialized in the sale of luxury watches in Tarragona where you can find specialists who make sure to check the authenticity of each of the watches they receive before offering them to the public.

Similarly, in our store you can find a safe place to negotiate with your luxury watch. We will make sure to offer you the precise value for your piece, providing the best prices in the market for the purchase of second-hand watches from leading brands.

If you wish, you can visit our online store or contact us if you prefer that one of our professionals come to your home to assess your watch.

In any case, in Tarragona customers know that they can come to Relojes La Hora because they will be in the best hands of professionals with experience and the greatest confidence.

If you want to sell or buy pre-owned luxury watches, and always receive the best prices, at Relojes la Hora Tarragona we are your best option.

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