Buying and selling watches in San Sebastian

Selling and buying luxury watches in San Sebastián is easy thanks to the services we offer at Relojes La Hora. We are a company with more than 25 years in the industry. We have the best specialists in the market to appraise your pieces and to offer you the most prominent brands at an excellent price.

Luxury watches trading in San Sebastián

Do you want to buy or sell your watch in San Sebastián?

One of the highlights of our service is that we know everything about the luxury watch industry. Thus, our extensive experience allows us to give you the best price for the watch you want to sell or trade.

We use the international indicators of high-end watches in order for our customers to always receive the perfect price for their watch, always depending on the state of the piece.

At Relojes La Hora San Sebastián, we deliver to our clients quality care as well as quick money to carry out their projects.
One of the things that our clients like the most about us is that they can attend our store for the appraisal of their luxury watch, where they can have an accurate evaluation of the piece in just 10 minutes and they receive the money immediately.

For those who are in San Sebastián but can’t come to our store, we have a home delivery service, where one of our specialists will go to pick up the luxury watch. After transferring it to the store, we make the proper evaluation and the final payment for the piece in 24 hours.

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At Relojes La Hora we can only offer you the best luxury watch appraisals in San Sebastián.

While other stores offer very low prices for your original and quality piece, we give you a fair price, the one that your watch is really worth.

As specialists in the luxury watch market, we know how to detect the properties of each of the pieces that the clients bring us, which allows us to offer a fair price taking into account the state of the piece.

We work with the most important luxury watch brands in the world, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Breitling, so there is no high-end watch that we cannot price.

Sell ​​luxury watches in San Sebastián

Furthermore, if you don't want to sell a luxury watch but rather want to buy one, we also have a wide variety of models available for you to choose the one you like the most or the one that better suits you for a special occasion. It is always possible. At Relojes La Hora we carry out the necessary maintenance on each watch, so that customers only get the best.

All the watches available in our stores are seen as new watches in the eyes of others, so only you and us will know that it is second-hand.

We work with the utmost discretion and privacy with the aim that no one can access your private data.

Another service that we offer at Relojes La Hora in San Sebastián is the trade, which consists of offering you a watch from our collection that has a value very similar to the one that you deliver to us.

This service allows you to have a new luxury watch without having to spend a single extra euro. It is an excellent option if you only want to change your luxury watch model but not invest too much money on it.

Sell luxury watches in San Sebastián

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