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If you are looking for a place to sell your luxury watch in Madrid, you have reached the ideal one. We can offer you the best price on the market.

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Why buy and / or sell luxury watches in Madrid?

Luxury watches trading in Madrid

Purchase and trade of luxury watches in Madrid

You don’t have to worry anymore about being scammed by workers who may not have experience in the evaluation of watches. At Relojes La Hora we have a highly qualified staff. This is the reason why we have been working in the market for more than a quarter of a century.

The best watches brands can be found in our store, such as second-hand Patek Philippe and Rolex, Longines or Omega, among many others, from vintage models to the most modern ones.

In addition, you not only can sell your watch to us, but you can also buy the ones that we have available in our store, being sure that all the pieces come from a verified source: from collectors or auctions to commercial stores and fairs. This is how we can offer you the best products of the market.

In Madrid you will not find a better place to sell your luxury or second-hand watch than Relojes La Hora. We are dedicated to our clients’ needs, taking care of confidentiality and privacy above all, so that no one will find out about the sale nor your personal data.

When you decide to sell your watch, the staff of this company will make the highest possible appraisal, taking the international market for luxury watches as a reference. You should not worry about receiving a price lower than its worth.

You will also have the option of trading your watch with the pre-owned ones that we have available. For trading a luxury watch, we will evaluate the piece and give you the best options for a new watch at a low price.

Why do you have to go to Relojes La Hora in Madrid?

The buying service includes the collection from your home of the watch you want to sell, the valuation and the offering of the best price possible in only 24 hours after starting the process. Everything for free.

This is the way we guarantee your privacy, avoiding you to move if you live in a remote area.

Sell ​​luxury watches in Madrid

Every day we are in search of unique second-hand watches, special to be purchased, where our professionals combine their passion for haute horlogerie with their work capacity, being able to offer the best pieces available.

When you receive from us an offer for a watch, you will not be able to refuse it, because there is no way you will get a similar price in other stores. We work with the highest appraisal and with the reference of the international market of high-end watches.
Sell luxury watches in Madrid
If you want to know whether we can buy or evaluate your luxury watch, you can check it in the list of serial numbers and years of manufacture that we have on our website.

As we also value your time, the appraisal of the watch will be done in just 10 minutes and, if you come to our store in Madrid, the payment will be made in cash, so that you don't have to wait.

We can help you to get money quickly, both in case you need it as soon as possible or you want to sell a watch that you no longer wear.

Don't think twice and come to our store in Madrid to sell your luxury watch. It will be a quick and a confidential transaction, leaving you good money as a result.

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