Purchase and sell watches in Valencia

At Relojes La Hora we cultivate a close relationship with clients in Valencia who come to us with the purpose of buying and selling second-hand watches. Our main objective is to establish a relationship with each client based on trust and offer them our advice and help in whatever they may need.

Luxury watches trading in Valencia

Buying and selling second-hand watches in the city of Valencia

Sale of luxury watches in Valencia

This is the reason why we assure to make quality advice available to customers, as well as professional and personalized attention, always guaranteeing the best prices on the market for both the purchase and sale of original second-hand watches.

Relojes La Hora offers pieces from the most recognized brands in the world, such as Cartier, Omega, and second-hand Rolex and Patek Philippe, among many others. The watches you can buy come from a variety of sources, from fairs and auctions to individuals, collectors, or commercial stores.

Relojes La Hora is present in several cities in Spain, including Valencia. In all of them, we provide our clients with a completely safe and professional second-hand watch buying and selling service.

If you are in Valencia and you want to sell your luxury watch, either because you do not use it or because you need the money, we assure you that in our store you will receive the best treatment and the best proposal for the sale, purchase or pawn of luxury watches.

Do not hesitate and come to us both through the web or visiting us in the store. In both cases you will receive a unique and formal treatment. For us, each client is special.

Sell luxury watches in Valencia

At Relojes La Hora we have been working since 1996 in the sector of selling and trading second-hand watches in Valencia and other locations. Thanks to our more than two decades of experience, we can guarantee that we are true professionals of second-hand watches. By coming to us you will always receive beneficial proposals.

Our desire is to provide our clients with only the best prices for their watches, also offering them a simple, fast and especially safe buying and selling experience, in order to have long-term loyal customers.

We offer the best attention in Valencia. We make sure to treat each of our clients the same way we would like to be treated.

Sell luxury watches in Valencia

Valuation of your watch in Valencia

At Relojes La Hora we advise you to avoid any hasty evaluation of your watch. It is best to go to specialized and experienced places to receive a truly reliable appraisal. Fortunately, we have more than 20 years of experience making accurate valuations of second-hand luxury watches. Our specialized staff will be in charge of offering you the advice you need to know the real value of your watch.

If you want to sell your watch, we invite you to visit our physical store without an appointment.

In case you are out of town, you can contact us through the form. You will receive a response as quickly as possible, and we will provide you with an accurate appraisal for your watch. Keep in mind that the more details you provide in the form, the more accurate the assessment will be.

If you want to buy top brand and second-hand watches, we invite you to visit our catalog, where you will not only find them easily, but you can also buy them for the best prices on the market.

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