Buying and selling watches in A Coruña

At Relojes La Hora, customers come for our experience in validating pre-owned watches, knowing that they can trust us when it comes to selling second-hand watches in A Coruña.

Luxury watches trading in A Coruña

Why buy or sell a luxury watch in A Coruña?

Buying and selling watches in A Coruña

Finding a place to safely sell a luxury watch in A Coruña is not something that can be easily achieved. There may be many different places, but none will offer you an appraisal according to the watch that belongs to you as well as Relojes La Hora will do.

We have the necessary track-record to evaluate any luxury watch, as well as the most qualified personnel in the market to do so. This high quality service and dedication has allowed our business to continue in the sector for more than 25 years.

Not only can you sell your luxury watch with us, but we also have available for sale the best pieces of the most sophisticated luxury watch brands, highlighting unique models from Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex, among other brands. Most of them, despite being second-hand watches, are in excellent condition, so no one will notice that they are not new.

In A Coruña you won’t find any other site that can offer you such an outstanding service as the one of ours. The best place to sell your luxury watch is Relojes La Hora, where we offer you the utmost discretion in every transaction.

If you have already decided to sell your luxury watch with us, you just have to visit our store, where one of our specialists will analyse your watch and give you the highest possible valuation, using the international luxury watch market as a reference, for which will surely be the best price you can receive.

Furthermore, if you want to buy a second-hand luxury watch, you can also visit us to take a look at the different models we have in stock and take the one you like the most at an excellent price.

However, if you rather want a trade, at Relojes La Hora we also offer you that option. You can arrive with your watch and leave with a pre-owned one of equal value, depending on the different pieces we have available.

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You will find the best luxury watch brands here. If that is not exciting enough, we also have excellent prices, well above what other companies in the market are offering.

There are many luxury watch brands that we have available for sale or trade. The piece that you will be wearing at the end of the transaction will match the appraisal made for your previous watch and the watches that we have in stock.

We are continuously in search of unique and special watches to buy that encourage our professionals to combine their passion for haute horlogerie with their ability to work, being able to always offer the clients the best pieces available.

Sell ​​luxury watches in A Coruña

Why buy or sell a luxury watch in A Coruña?

Audemars Piguet, Rolex or Cartier, among many others, are some of the watches brands that you can find in our catalog, which makes it worth visiting our store in A Coruña.
Don’t worry if you don’t have the money to buy a second-hand watch, just take your current piece to our store in A Coruña and you will surely find a model that will fit you from now on.

Quality, original parts and excellent service is what you will find at Relojes La Hora, as well as excellent prices and models from the most prestigious brands of luxury watches worldwide.
We can help you to get money quickly, both in case you need it as soon as possible or you want to sell a watch that you no longer wear.

Don’t miss the opportunity and visit our store in A Coruña.

Sell luxury watches in A Coruña

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