Sale of luxury watches in Girona

Selling your luxury watch in Girona will never be as simple as doing it at Relojes La Hora, where we have the best prices on the market for our clients.

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The best appraisal for your luxury watch in Girona

Luxury watches trading in Girona

When you decide to sell your luxury watch, safety is probably the first thing you think of. The fear of being scammed, by not knowing the market, can delay or even discard your decision. Fortunately, you can fully trust our professionals in Girona, specialists with decades of experience in the sector. They will perform an accurate appraisal for your luxury watch. To give you the best price, they are based on the references of the international watch industry

There is no use having a luxury watch stored, without using it, and taking up space at home unnecessarily.

Instead, you can visit us in our store in Girona, where our specialists will check the condition of the watch and make you the best offer. You will be able to dedicate the money you will get from the sale of the watch to other personal projects, or buy a new luxury watch that you have always wanted to have and have never been able to get.

All the watches that we buy and sell at Relojes La Hora are authentic and unique pieces of luxury brands. Nobody but you and us will know that they are second hand watches.

All the pieces in our store are in perfect condition. Do not hesitate to visit us to sell your luxury watch or buy another, and you will see it for yourself.

Why sell your luxury watch in Girona?

Sell luxury watches in Girona

Sell ​​pre-owned luxury watches in Girona

Our more than 25 years of experience in the industry allow us to buy your luxury watch with all the guarantees and offer you the many models that we have for sale. All our watches are from the best brands on the market, such as Patek Philippe, Longine or Breitling, among many others.

At Relojes La Hora we care about the origin of the watch

At Relojes La Hora we work with watches that have belonged to collectors and individuals, but we also have excellent pieces that we get at fairs, auctions and commercial stores. The origin of these luxury watches is not a concern, because we find out everything about each of the pieces that we have on sale, so that you only have to worry about wearing it at that special occasion you want it for.

Experts in the sector

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our team, made up of specialists from the watchmaking sector who can recognize if the watch has all the original parts of the brand or if they have been replaced, we are able to always guarantee the best product to our clients in Girona.

Why go to Relojes La Hora in Girona?

There are many reasons to trust Relojes La Hora in Girona. Our staff will treat you with kindness because we want you to feel comfortable. With a personalized treatment, we will carry out the appraisal of your watch in no more than 10 minutes and we will give you the money immediately so that you can use it in whatever you want.

We have the experience to identify when a watch is an original and when it is a copy. With us, you will have the certainty that your piece is in good hands and you will get the price that is adjusted to its real value. If you decide to sell your watch, we will pay you for what it is worth. No more, no less.

If you want to sell or buy your luxury watch in Girona, at Relojes La Hora we will be more than happy to assist you.

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