Purchase and sale of luxury watches in Malaga

If you have a luxury watch and you want to sell it, Relojes La Hora in Malaga is the ideal place for you to carry out this transaction. We have the most suitable specialists who will tell you the real value of your piece and give you a fair price for it, taking as a reference the international market of luxury brands.

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The best price for your luxury watch in Malaga

Luxury watches trading in Málaga

Don’t waste time going to other places where they claim to be specialists and, in the end, they offer you a very low valuation for your luxury piece.

Sell luxury watches in Málaga

We are experts in the watch industry

We have the necessary experience to verify the authenticity of each of the watches that we receive, since we have been working in the watch industry for more than 25 years. This expertise has made our clients come back every time they want to sell, buy or trade your luxury watches.

We make you the best offer for your watch

With Relojes La Hora you will have it easy when you need to sell your luxury watch in Malaga. You can request our home service, where one of our specialists will go to your place to pick up the piece you want to sell.

Sell ​a pre-owned luxury watch in Malaga

After 24 hours, and even less time in some cases, we will provide you with the proper price for your watch and we will deposit the money in your account or give it to you in cash.

If you just need to trade your luxury watch for a piece with similar characteristics with which you can renew your look on special occasions, you can also do it with us. One of our specialists will verify it and offer you models available from our store that match the appraisal we have made for yours.

Personalized treatment adapted to your needs

We work to make transactions easy for our clients. With this aim, we offer our clients the best personalized treatment like nowhere else in Malaga.

Is it safe to buy at Relojes La Hora in Málaga?

The service we offer to all our clients is fully guaranteed, so they will not have to worry about the origin of the watches that we have available. All of them are certified and acquired from individuals,collectors, bazaars, fairs and stores. They are meticulously analyzed by our specialists, who also certified that they are original pieces of each luxury brand.

In addition, in Relojes La Hora the data of our clients are also fully protected. There is no way for a third party to find out about the transactions carried out. The privacy is guaranteed during and after the transaction.

Thanks to the detailed analysis that we do of each of the watches that we have at Relojes La Hora in Malaga, we can guarantee our clients that they are taking home unique pieces in excellent condition. We will be the only ones to know that they are pre-owned watches, as they will look like a brand new watch.

At Relojes La Hora in Malaga we are waiting for you to evaluate your piece, buy it, trade it or sell it. Do not hesitate to visit us!

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