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At Relojes La Hora we are always available for you to help you sell your luxury watch whenever you need.

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Buying and trading second-hand watches in Bilbao

Luxury watches trading in Bilbao

Purchase and trade of luxury watches in Bilbao

You can find us in Bilbao. We can assure you that our team has the know-how to offer you the best appraisal, taking the international watch market as a reference.

There will be no store in Bilbao that can offer you a price similar to the one that we will give you. In addition, you can not only sell your luxury watch, but we also have second-hand watches from the best brands for sale at the best prices.

Why not having the opportunity to wear a genuine brand watch, appreciated by everyone? Given their excellent condition, no one could imagine that they are pre-owned watches.

All the watches available at Relojes La Hora in Bilbao come from individuals, collectors, commercial stores, fairs or auctions. You will not have to worry about their origin, legality or their quality.

Every watch that we have is authentic. We can offer you the best brands in the world: second-hand Rolex and Patek Philippe watches, Longines or Breitling, among many other brands.

We have the best pieces in the market and we are the best specialists in buying and trading pre-owned watches.

We have been working with all types of luxury watches and top brands for more than 25 years, so we know everything about them. This expertise allows us to offer our clients personalized attention for a better user experience.

Why should I go to Relojes La Hora in Bilbao?

If you can’t come to our store in Bilbao, Relojes La Hora can send one of our specialists to your home to collect the piece. Once it is in our store, we will carry out the appraisal and make the payment in 24 hours. But if you can come to our store, the appraisal of your luxury watch will only take 10 minutes and we will pay you instantly and in cash.

Another option that you can use with us is to trade your luxury watch for another of the same quality or price.

Sell ​​luxury watches in Bilbao

Sell luxury watches in Bilbao
Our specialists will offer you a fair appraisal, so why not treat yourself to a second-hand watch that looks new?

If you want us to carry out an assessment of your luxury watch, you just have to visit our store in Bilbao without an appointment. In only 10 minutes you will have the best valuation that our specialized professionals are able to make.

Don’t let your luxury watch deteriorate from little use, if you can give someone else the opportunity to enjoy it, the same way as you did.

The security and trust with which we work guarantees that your personal data and the transactions carried out with us will never fall into third parties hands.

If you want to sell, buy or pawn your luxury watch, you can do so through our website within the second-hand watches section. You will realize that we are leaders when it comes to buying / trading premium quality and pre-owned watches.

The wide range of watches that we have available on our website is proof of what we say.

Additionally, in our website section dedicated to the serial numbers of the watches, you can identify if your brand watch is among those that we can value. It is also possible by knowing the year of manufacture.

All this shows that we know this business like the back of our hand, and that we have the necessary experience to give you the best service.

But, above all, we guarantee total transparency to our clients, so that they can do a business completely beneficial for both parties.

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